About Our Company

Blount Solutions IT Consulting offers reliable and dependable IT solutions to businesses, non-profit organizations, and state-run offices nationwide. We specialize in comprehensive IT solutions for our clients to help them achieve business, technology, and operational goals. Our approach is to concentrate on the vision and long-term objectives of the clients so that we provide their business with efficient and agile technology to achieve sustainable results.

Our Services

We build all types of custom and platform-based solutions and offer clients a comprehensive set of end-to-end IT services.


Whether you operate in the health care industry, manufacturing, or financial, you need to find information technology solutions that can thrive your business. At Blount Solutions, our expert team of IT technicians will you provide the right solutions based on your business needs – resulting in increased productivity, service quality, and end-user experience.

We deliver innovative solutions that enhance the way you do your business today, allowing you to embrace the technologies that stimulate your company’s future growth.

Our Partner Brands

We have been building long term relationships with businesses, non-profiting organizations, and state-run department by delivering outstanding IT solutions.

Partner With Us Today

We can help your business strive by using the latest IT technology and solutions. We can help overcome challenges in the digital value chain by leveraging technology and finding the right solutions to increase operational efficiency.
Work with us and become one of our partners, and experience the power of technology reviving your business!